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Wilde Oats Wilde Oats has taken over from Forbidden Fruit, which unfortunately has seen its last issue.  I'm one of the editors of Wilde Oats.  You can see the latest issue of  this gay and bi zine  here.
I Do Two! I Do Two! My short story, Stripes, is one of the stories in this anthology in support of gay marriage.
My wonderful and 100% satisfying blog.A blog where I rant about things that annoy me, post the latest Majorca Flats episode, share news about my writing as well as some short fics, comment on new which affects  and share pics of beaut blokes or anything which interests me.
My other bloggreen sofa pleasureA blog where I share images of beaut blokes, sometimes unclothed ....
Night Moves Volume 1
Night Moves Volume 2

My short story, Redhead, is in volume 2 -- but I enjoyed all the stories in this anthology (originally intended to be a single volume).  Not too fond of the cover, actually!

This is my first paid-for-publication story.  Woohoo 

Read a review here.

Synopsis, Night Moves  1

Four stories of vampires and their lives and how they interact with those around them make up this hot m/m anthology.
In Theron's Boys Kiernan Kelly tells of a group of men seduced by the vampire Theron and the not so pleasant way he controls their lives.
Matt Brooks poses the question in Inferno about what happens to a vampire who hasn't been turned completely because he doesn't have the heart to hunt.An artist is given his greatest commission and perhaps a chance to pay off his family's debt to his Patron in Chiaroscuro by Erastes.

Finally, Kira Stone's Immortal Steps reveals a hidden vampire society amongst our own where being a person with vampiric DNA can be dangerous when Hunters want you for your hormonal serum and the larger sum your body parts will bring.

Synopsis, Night Moves 2

Four tales of gay vampires and their lovers.  In Val, journey through one man's obsessive mind as he tries to recreate his lost lover.  Follow Claud as he tries to find partners for his master in Talent Scout.  Discover how one man comes to accept not only his bi nature but the fact that the supernatural world does exist in Redhead and, finally, discover how vampires deal with their own rogues in The Enforcer.

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ManLoveRomance I am a member of this writers cooperative of authors who write gay, bisexual and slash stories .   There are nearly 50 writer-members,  and you will surely find lots of reading material here.  Most of their books are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as other on-line and bricks-and-mortar bookshops.  Take a look!
London Review of Books   A leftish journal  about 50-50 split between review articles of books, exhibitions, poetry and films; and commentary on politics.  The personals column is justly famous for its very funny ads.  Too few newspapers do original journalism any more.  Commentary, yes.  Research?  Forget it.  These guys' articles on just what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan and Israel are required reading.  This is not an establishment view.
N L Gassert
My friend Nadja's website.  Have you read "The Protector".  Do.  It's an awesome first novel.
WWGSS This is an amazing on line resource for gay and bisexual stories.  Since there are over 500 of them, they'll certainly keep you busy!!!  Alas, they've not been rated, so you'll have to take pot luck.  But in essence, the stories all have a romantic element to them, much like my own.
Best of Nifty
Nifty is an amazing resource, and I'm all for democracy, but hey, there's some dreck there.  This is a compilation of  the best Nifty has to offer.  
Gay Writing Today Gay Writing Today
Parhelion Parhelion writes some of the most sumptuous prose on the web.  Try Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance.  Man that's so good -- smooth, polished, perfect.  I am in awe of her ability.  And don't ignore her fanfic.  Try this one :

Of course I knew right away it was Wolfe.  He has a scent of salt and bay rum, and a feel of soft, yielding flesh over barrel-chested hardness that I’d never mistake for anyone else.  My body knew it was Wolfe, too, but it seemed to have a different attitude about the fact than it should.  When I realized that, I sucked in some air.  The sound that came from him in response wasn’t words but a low, sleepy rumble.

"Barrel-chested hardness"!  Now that is hot.  Just goes to show older guys can be sexy too.  

Hanged Man, available from Torquere is sooooo good.  Don't be put off by the cover.

Tetrameter A site devoted to four-footed verse.  Some gems here.
The Art of Michael Breyette This is the website of Michael Breyette, who draws wonderful m2m scenes.  Hey, I know hardly anybody is this beutiful, but so what?  Eye candy galore.  I hope he doesn't mind me using this pic to link to his site.  

Poetry in Translation English translations of classic poetry -- French, Ancient Greek, Latin, Russian, Chinese.  Some lovely stuff here.  Well worth a daily browse.
Brokeback Mountain What an amazing film.  I went with my lady, and when I left the cinema I wasn't the only one quietly weeping.  It amazes me that three straight men, the two main male actors and the director could produce such a sympathetic film.  The only scene that didn't work, to my mind, was the first sex scene in the tent!  Here's the ABC's  At the Movies review .  Choose Windows media player to see and listen to their review.  Youtube.  Look at these quotes.
Both Ways A site from the UK pop singer, Tom Robinson, who in 1978 sang the first 'out' gay song to make it into the top 20.  Have a look at the lyrics here.   And, interestingly, after shouting to the world that he was gay, he fell in love with a woman.  (Yeah, it happens :) )  His website is fascinating.
Yiddish Dictionary

ייִדיש ווערטערבוך אויפֿן וועב

What it says.  Fascinating for amateur linguists like me.
Michael Thomas Ford A satisfying writer, and a really nice bloke too.  
Bishonen Works This artist has an utterly different perspective on male looks and what is desirable in men than Michael Breyette.  Amazing pictures, some of them startlingly erotic.  Her stories (though they fall into a 'type') are also interesting.  Well worth a visit.  Interesting to contrast her images with Breyette's.  I like both!  
A E Housman
One of my favourite poets.  You can read his poems here.
Justice Michael Kirby A speech by one of the judges on Oz's high (supreme) court, who came out some years ago.  Despite his treatment  by the yobs and yahoos within the Christian fold, he retains his belief in God.  You'll enjoy it, I think.  Certainly, it will make you think.
Rick Chris Gallery Pics and stories
It started with Brian A heart-rending and wonderful story about a soccer player and his best friend, by my friend Sam, who I was proud to know.  Since Sam died, the story has been written from Sam's notes by Adam Phillips.

Kyle's Bed and Breakfast  A comic about a gay bed & breakfast.  
Pickled Dragon What made you think dragons didn't exist?  Here's one.  You gotta believe your eyes, right?  >:)
Catullus on the web, in original (sublime) and translation (when your Latin is as rusty as mine!)
Dusk Peterson Dusk writes some amazing stories, filled with angst and pain, but also with love and compassion and understanding.  My own writing is often spoiled by my desire to write stories with a happy ending.  Although I won't accuse her of routinely writing unhappy endings ;), often the happy part is mitigated by unpleasant reality.  Some very very good writing here.  Read it!
Ally Blue  Another fellow member of  ManLoveRomance, with numerous published romantic gay novels and novellas.  Like me, her first publication was in Forbidden Fruit, and look where she is now!  Go Ally!
DevilKat's Dungeon DevilKat writes some of the most erotic and romantic m2m fiction around.  And it was she who taught me to write smut.  Her Wizards and Warriors story is funny, sexy, moving, entertaining.  Just the best.  She's also writing a serial for Forbidden Fruit, which you can read here (episode 1) and  here (2).  Interesting how some of the hottest m2m erotica is written by women!  That searing and heartwarming combination of romance and sex.  Mmmmm.
The Cronnex Trewin Greenaway's magnificent fantasy chronicle, magical (in the right way), erotic, compelling, sad, glorious.  Wow!  
Jade Buchanan Jade's another member of ManLoveRomance.  She writes paranormal gay and bisexual fiction, as well as some very funny (see the images for yourself)  GI erotic fiction  (these stories are free)  
Heterosexism A link to an article I wrote for my blog.
Gay Men are Eunuchs A fascinating thesis.  The author, Faris Malik starts his thesis like this:

There is little agreement nowadays about what causes sexual orientation and what it consists of. Some say it is a matter of genetics, others that it is caused by psychological influences in early childhood. Still others say that it is fluid and changeable over the course of a person's life. To my mind, the best way to accommodate all of these ideas within one system is to say that most people are born bisexual, but a few are not. Most of the born bisexuals learn to avoid homosexual interaction. Europeans and Americans are raised to suppress homosexual erotic impulses, and direct their sexual attention exclusively to the opposite sex, so their so-called straight orientation is a result of environmental factors, which can change over time. Some resist the indoctrination and express both sides of their sexual nature freely -- these are what our society calls bisexuals. But a small percentage of people genetically just don't have the capacity to feel attraction to the opposite sex. These are the people who say they were born gay. I am one of them. By the same token, just as few people lack the capacity to feel attraction to their own sex. In this culture, these people simply blend in with the majority.

     A bisexual in my terminology is anyone who genetically is able to feel lust for men and women. This describes the majority of people. What we call a "straight person" is, in most cases, a bisexual who has been conditioned to avoid acting on his or her homosexual side. Gay people are monosexuals who are genetically unable to feel lust for their respective opposite sex. A few straights are monosexual like gays, in that they are genetically unable to feel lust for people of their own sex. I believe this inability has something to do with some people lacking sexual pheromone receptors for one sex or the other. The argument I am making in this essay is that men who were genetically unable to feel lust for women, i.e. what we call gay men today, were called eunuchs by our pre-Christian ancestors.

     Almost all current dictionaries define a eunuch as a man missing a crucial part of his reproductive anatomy, either due to castration or birth defect. But I will show in Section 1 of this essay that most so-called "eunuchs" in the ancient world were not anatomically deprived and were able to procreate. Moreover in Section 2, I show that one of the central defining characteristics of a eunuch in the ancient world was his lack of a sexual drive for women, something which is not true of castrated men. Men who lust after women will continue to do so even if they are genitally mutilated. Castration may prevent a straight man from impregnating a woman, but it will not change his desires. In Section 3, I show that eunuchs were stereotyped as lustful sex objects for men.
The Tarheel Writer Original romantic gay stories.  Some spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, but the stories are moving and satisfying, and there are links to a whole heap of tales other writers.
BacteriaBurger Strange name, but some passable tales, and some very hot ones, too.
Due South Stories Fanfic from Due South, which I've never seen.  But the stories are so good, it didn't matter. A classic example (along with Parhelion) of how fanfic can be really, really good.  Try this one (her first for chrissake!  How do they do it?  My first was like a child's scribble compared to this)
Trinity Slash More slashy fanfic.  An interesting site, but alas now dormant.  Some good tales, and a nice collection of m2m pics.
Drew Gummerson He wrote The Lodger, which is a heartwarming, satisfying, sexy read.  This is his website.  I see he has a new book out.  I must get it.
Jourdan Lane Some hot stories -- mostly published stuff, but some freebies.  Try this one.
Gay Authors A large collection of gay authors on one site.  Mixed quality, but some good stuff here.
Alex Hogan's Stories My friend Alex's stories.  
Julia Talbot Another woman who writes hot male-to-male sex
B A Tortuga I haven't read any of her novels but she has written some very pleasing and sexy short stories in anthologies I've bought.
Rock Lane Cooper Two Men in  Pick-up is a great tale.  Sexy and moving and polished.  And it's unusual to see convincing gay stories set among rural men.  
Erastes An erastes was the elder partner of the classic (in a couple of senses of the word) relationship between two men in ancient Greece.  You will be pleased to know that it is a first declension masculine noun.  (The pedant in me)  

Some very good writing here.  Alas, the author has gone from free-on-the-web to published and popular, so you will have to pay to read her stuff.
Anel Viz My mate Anel is a better writer than I am.  Alas, 'tis so.  This is one of the places he posts his stories.  This one is partly from the point of view of a sex toy. Funny, sexy, mordant.  As is this clever flashfic.   Do I sense the name Emperor George Bush anywhere . . . . . ?

He contributes to Wilde Oats and GayFlashFic and this is his author page in Wilde Oats.  A prolific and very polished writer, with a wonderfully jaundiced view of the gay and straight world.  If you ever get the chance, you must ask him why and how a good top can turn any straight instantly gay
>:).  Well, quite quickly :D.    Oh, and don't get him started on puns.  His are terrible.
Fafnir's Lair A site run by a husband and wife team, Beryl and Osiris Brackhaus, writing slash, bisexual and gay stories.  Some excellent stuff here.  Try this one.  Remember that their home language is German when you consider just how  good their writing is.  One day, I shall try a story in German.  Urk!
Kathara's Original Slash Recommendations Links to online stories and recs for print and online books
An e-zine for short, short shorts,, I mean, stories.  Some of my stuff is published here.
Sean Michael
Another member of ManLoveRomance -- he writes some extraordinarily hot -- and romantic -- stuff.  
The Story Lover Another website with many gay-shaded stories.
The Masque   The Masque ~ An Erotic Renaissance
  Free erotic stories, poetry, photography,
  drawings, chat and boards set in a Venetian
 courtesan's palazzo
Patrick Gale Gentlemans Relish Patrick Gale's home page.
My Gay Stories
Not Mine.  His.  

Try this one, about a gay/bisexual dad.

The Zot Last but very far from least: The Zot.

All his stories are good,  Try this one as a starter.  Romantic, sweet, satisfying.