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The Fire's Stone, by Tanya Huff
A review of Tanya Huff's wonderfully romantic novel of a thief, a prince and a wizard.

The Cum-and-Go culture
A discussion about sacred and profane sex, male bonding, and the need for love.

Reviews of the delightful film Shelter ; of the most interesting and accomplished first novel Wicked Gentlemen by Ginn Hale; of the steam-punk fantasy The God Eaters by Jesse Hajicek; of the SF novel Valor's Trial by Tanya Huff; and of Shadows Return by Lynn Flewelling

Straight men can and do have deeper friendships with gay men than with other straight men.  But what do the gay blokes get out of it?

Reviews of the entirely satisfying coming-of-age novel Now is the Hour, by Tom Spanbauer; Under This Cowboy's Hat, a short story anthology edited by Rob Knight; The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks by Josh Lanyon; a quick overview of the series Mahu, Mahu Surfer, Mahu Fire, and Mahu Vice by Neil Plakcy featuring the gay detective Kimo Kanapa'aka; and a review of the marvellous and thoughtful  Bareback by Kit Whitfield which is not at all about what you think it's about but is nevertheless most apposite to gay-shaded men and women.
I Kiss Them Because I Love Them
Straight blokes kissing their male friends.

A Map Of The Harbor Islands
A review of J G Hayes' marvellous novel.

A Particular Friendship
Dirk Bogarde, the actor and author, had a decade long correspondence with a women in America.  And yet they never met. 

Only Connect
A tribute to friendship, whether 'embodied' or via letter and email.

Gay, Then and Now
A review and meditation on Ethan Mordden's How's Your Romance?

The End of Gay
Thoughts about the meaning of gay, inspired by Bert Archer's book The End of Gay

Our Cheatin' Hearts
Thoughts about how evolution and culture influence our notions of fidelity.

Insignificant Others
A review of the book by Stephen McCauley
Having Sex with Straight Blokes
Many straight men will have sex with a gay bloke, even though they produce the obligatory "I'm not gay, you know."  What does it mean?

Reviews of Tom Ford's superb film A Single Man starring Colin Firth; and Fiona Patten's original and satisfying fantasy novel The Stone Prince
What Makes Us Gay?
Some wild (or perhaps Wilde) speculations
Love and ... sex 
Thoughts about bromance and male bonding.

Reviews of Melissa Scott's three novels in the Silence/Empress of Earth trilogy, a ground-breaking, fascinating and exciting mixture of remarkably speculative and original science and gripping and enjoyable adventures; Paul Monette's masterpiece Halfway Home; Blossom at the Mention of Your Name by Fiona Cooper; and the clever and fulfilling novel Rough Music by Patrick Gale.
Gay Sex by Any Name
10% of men who identify as straight regularly have sex with other blokes.  Whassup?

The Power of Slash
Why do so many women like romantic male-to-male short stories and novels?

Oxytocin, Affection and Sex
Sex is not really about having babies.  It's about bonding.

Reviews of the film Big Eden; the autobiography My Life and Other Misdemeanours by Prince Giustiniani; The Truth of Valor, the best Valor novel yet by Tanya Huff, Collected Novellas (Volume 1) by Josh Lanyon; Lord of the White Hell by Ginn  Hale.

Quick reviews of Paul Monette's masterpiece The Gold Diggers and Patrick Gale's delicious, ironic and warm first novel, The Aerodynamics of Pork.

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