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Writing short stories is hard.  You have to convey character and plot, and engage your readers' hearts, all in the space of a few thousand words.  You have to explain enough about your characters to make the reader care, but you have so few words, so little time to do it.   And then, during the story, you have to twist your reader's heart,  make them think, so that as they put the book down (or close their laptop) they'll go away changed, just a little.

I dunno whether I do that, but that's what I'm trying for.

Dan's straight, right?

It's Time
A man remembers an old lover, who broke his heart

(Illustrated by Zaza
Zack was Gabe's best friend at school, the man he loved, and hasn't spoken to since that dreadful night ten years ago.  So why's he sitting next to Gabe at the reunion, making nice?
(Illustrated by Zaza
Thomas remembers the only man he ever loved.

A short story in homage to J G Hayes, author of Map of the Harbor Islands
Best friends?  Or lovers?

The One
A ficlet

A long short story, inspired by some single dads I know.

An Ozzie Christmas Tale
In the southern hemisphere, Christmas comes at midsummer.  But being alone at Christmas is just as sad as it is in winter.

The Wolf
In a world where petty theft is a hanging offence, redemption can take many forms.

Lawnmower Boy
There's something about summer afternoons ....

A story I wrote to encourage a friend to give his  real life experiences of being a lawnmower boy.  I'm still waiting!

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